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Tentang Kami

PT. Win Teknologi Indonesia adalah perusahaan yang bergerak dibidang Security System Teknologi yang terkini , Hingga saat ini telah melayani banyak proyek  product security system di ibukota jakarta dan beberapa daerah lainnya. Dalam kesempatan ini kami mencoba untuk dapat di masa yang akan datang dapat membantu perusahan bapak/ibu pimpin dalam menyediakan sistem keamanan seperti :
PARKING SYSTEM – BARRIER GATES – ACCESS CONTROL – CCTV CAMERA- FINGER PRINT-GUARD PATROL, dsb yang Bapak/Ibu butuhkan. Adapun untuk harga dan layanan penjualan dan purna jual akan tetap kami sediakan untuk  menjamin kepuasan pelanggan dalam hal aftersales service berikut ini beberapa product security system yang kami kerjakan adalah sbb :
* Car parking system/Barrier gates
* Door Access Control
* Passanger Automatic Pedestrian Gate 
* Automatic Glass Door control 
* Hotel Lock System + software
* Billboard Electronic/Running text/VIDEO TRON               
* Fingerprint                                        
* Buglar alaram system
* Automatic Gate (pintu pagar otomatis remote)        


What We Do?
We consult, design, install, and maintain comprehensive security systems that will integrate and provide solution to specific requirements using the latest and effective technology.

PT.Win Teknologi Indonesia  has the most suitable systems and services to provide reliable security control protecting individual, asset, property and valuable information. A total security protection, economic solution, convenience and peace of mind are the main factors of our Security Systems design considerations. 
Who is Our Client’s ?
Virtually any business or organization, including retail, industrial, commercial, governmental, and institutional, with a need to protect or control assets, information or people. 
To be recognized as the leader in the security industry. Win Teknologi indonesia  endeavors to be synonymous with SECURITY and be in the mind of the people who think of security.
To deliver security products and professional services of the highest quality standard. We are committed to exceed our client expectation at every opportunity and are dedicated to protect our client assets, personnel and reputation.
To help client develop a sound, integrated and economical solution to their security needs. Simultaneously, to reduce personal risk and corporate liability with minimum impact on privacy and freedom of operation.
* We deal with stakeholders with HONESTY, INTEGRITY, RESPECT, FAIRNESS and ETHICS.
* We RECOGNIZE and ACKNOWLEDGE EFFORTS that contribute to the success of our organization.
* We are ONE TEAM; we seek solutions through DIALOGUE and WORKING TOGETHER to achieve our goals.
* We encourage LEARNING and INNOVATION that result in better service to our client.
* We pride in taking OWNERSHIP of our work and RESPONSIBILITY for our actions and decisions.

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