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Product Type     SQ8810
Weight - Kg
Height - Cm
Width - Cm
Power - W

  • Tripod turnstile SQ8810 system is a security solution to provide effective access control at the throughput rate of 35-40 persons per min.
  • Single or bi directional is adjusted.
  • The model is solid, with the square shape, as well as side plate to make it stronger and firm. The feature makes it be the first choice of customers who pay more attention on product long-lasting durability and quality.
  • The whole body and arms are made of full brushed stainless steel which is robust, rigid, anti-rust, waterproof and durable; for arm, rubber is also for optional.
  • It is with visual LED indication at front and top cover of the body for access granted or denied.
  • Top area is total flat. Access control device and controller can easily mounted on the top of both sides.
  • It’s suitable for both outdoor and indoor using.

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