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Albox ACP 1610 16 Zone Alarm Control Panel With Keypad

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Product Type     ACP-1610
Weight 2.5 Kg
Height - Cm
Width - Cm
Power - W

16 Zones
Built-in voice modules with 20-second voice record length
3 Arming Modes: Keypad, Remote Control & Telephone


Input Power: 200V AC
Output Power: 12-15V DV
Static Rate Consumtion: <400mA
Siren's Rated Current: <400mA
Working Temperature: -10oC to 55oC
Humidity: 40% to 70%
Dimension Metal Panel Box (mm): 265 x 26 x 78
Keypad (mm): 159 x 138 x 33
Weight (kg): 2.5

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